Welcome to ABC LEARNING GAMES with Kat

Learning to
Write My Alphabet
Call it cursive or italics, we just call it handwriting. Practice along with Kat as he makes both upper and lower case letters. He’ll keep it up as long as you need him to help you.

Print My ABC’s
Choose any letter and Kat shows how to draw
 it. Just learning? Use our “print and trace” practice sheets for practice.  

Kat Would Like
to Hear Your ABC’s

 a letter to identify. Pass the cursor over the “?” above Kat to hear the answer. Note: This can be a very slow program on dial-up service. We recommend using it one only if you have broadband service or RoadRunner).

Learning to Make My
Numbers with Kat

Choose any number on the top and Kat will draw it from one through ten. Choose any bottom number and practice reciting 11 through 100. Choose a number on the bottom line to get a feel for it.

Learning to Tell Time with Kat
Click any number to set the MINUTE hand, then, click any box to set the HOUR hand. What time is it? Check your answer with Kat by clicking on his “What time is it?” question. Listen carefully for some of Kat’s barnyard friends!

Kat’s Very Own
Practice Sheets

There are several different sheets and you can print the ones you need. The sheets can be printed and used alone for practice if there is not easy access to a computer.